People in Your Community…Knowledge at Your Doorstep

Welcome! The West Virginia University Extension Service in Cabell County offers knowledgeable, timely and relevant programs as well as informal education opportunities designed to “help people help themselves” in acquiring knowledge and improving their quality of life.

Cabell County offers primary assistance and services through the WVU Extension office in Ona. Through our website, you’ll find information on local programs such as Cabell County 4-H and the Cabell County Master Gardeners. Or, you can find additional information about programs and opportunities directly through the WVU Extension Service.

To effectively reach diverse audiences, Extension educators offer a variety of educational programs through many methods including workshops, meetings, exhibits and fairs, newsletters, publications, telephone calls, and individual consultations. Please explore our website and learn more about us and how we can help you. We’re here to help you put knowledge to work!

Another resource for asking Extension-related questions online is At the eXtension website you can search on subjects from cattle health, to animals eating your home garden, to just about anything else related to life in America, drawing upon a network of knowledge share by the nation’s Extension agents and subject specialists.

Cabell and WV Map